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  1. Dousar

    The Munchkin is a relatively new breed of cat characterized by its very short legs, which is caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation; it is also new to the Blue Crest Cattery. The Munchkin is generally described as a sweet-natured, playful, people-oriented, outgoing and intelligent cat which responds well to being handled.
  2. Fenrirg

    American Blue Cattle Beef up your herd with American Blue Cattle the terminal sire of choice for commercial and dairy herds. Blue Cattle are bred for high yield lean meat with less fat and cholesterol than Chicken. Their docile temperament makes them an excellent choice for club calves.
  3. Tautaxe

    If blue birds (genetic code Bb) are mated together, they throw a percentage of ‘off’ colours in their progeny (youngsters), the probability being 25% blacks (BB), 25% blue splashed whites (bb) as well as 50% blues (Bb). You need to breed a sufficiently large number to achieve this percentage – since this is a probability. A Blue Pekin Bantam – Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson.
  4. Zucage

    Breed Group: Hound Height: 21 to 27 inches at the shoulder Weight: 45 to 80 pounds Life Span: 12 to 14 years The Bluetick has the classic pleading expression common to hounds, which makes them so appealing. Blueticks become especially close to their people and love going for car rides with them and sleeping at the foot of the bed, especially when thunderstorms are in the area.
  5. Vijora

    Blue in Breed - Duration: 5 minutes, 38 seconds. Chad McCullough - Topic. 18 views Chad McCullough - Topic. 9 views; 5 years ago; Chad McCullough - .
  6. Dirisar

    1 Where The Sky Cries (Chad McCullough) 2 Krásna (Chad McCullough) 3 Urban Grassland (Chad McCullough) 4 Blue In Breed (Michal Vanouek) 5 Time-lapse (Chad McCullough) 6 Tryskác, Part 1 (Michal Vanoucek) 7 Tryskác, Part 2 (Michal Vanoucek) 8 Katia (Michal Vanoucek) 9 Soliloquy for D.G. (Chad McCullough) 10 Bosá (Michal Vanoucek).
  7. Musar

    You can see these are one single color die cut decals so your background color shows through. Actual color shade of your decal will vary from what you see due to different device settings. -- You may want to use an alcohol pad to do a final cleaning on your surface before chichcontsertilowa.inerpaimanneatubontiphedislarok.infoinfo Rating: % positive.
  8. Faukasa

    From Red (or Fawn), you get blue fawn, light chocolate, most blue brindles and basically any light color coat. The important thing to understand here is that even when you have a full color Bulldog, a chocolate for instance, and breed it to a standard color, they will not produce full chocolate puppies unless the other has chocolate in their.

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