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  1. Malalar

    Toure Kunda, Ziguinchor. 16K likes. World Music Artist from Senegal Certified multi gold, Grammy Winner Album Of The Year with «Santana - Supernatural» New album "Lambi Golo".
  2. Mera

    I am an avid listener to African music and Toure Kunda stands out as an example of everything beautiful about African music chichcontsertilowa.inerpaimanneatubontiphedislarok.infoinfo the first track "CINDY" to the last track "DJILOLY" one is mesmerised by this poetry in song and tight chichcontsertilowa.inerpaimanneatubontiphedislarok.infoinfo takes the polished listener through a journey that never ends and to the very last song I was mesmerised by this incredible musical chichcontsertilowa.inerpaimanneatubontiphedislarok.infoinfo /5(3).
  3. Zulkidal

    In the early '80s, Touré Kunda, founded by brothers Amadou, Ismaïla and Sixu Touré in the Casamance region of Senegal, were slated to be the next World Music™ sensation. For a while it looked like they might make it. Albums like E'mma Africa and Casamance au Claire de Lune were well-received. The group embarked on a number of world tours, one of which produced the excellent live 2-LP set.
  4. Shakacage

    TOURE KUNDA, Ziguinchor. 15K likes. World Music Artist from Senegal Certified multi gold, Grammy Winner Album Of The Year with «Santana - Supernatural» New album "Lambi Golo".
  5. Gardakora

    Touré Kunda is a Senegalese band noted for their musical versatility and political activism. Their year career encompasses recordings in over six languages and collaborations with well-known.
  6. Gall

    One of the first internationally known world music bands, Toure Kunda from Senegal has undergone several lineup and stylistic changes throughout the group's long career. On The Toure Kunda Collection, Putumayo assembled a greatest hits collection of sorts, though only covering three chichcontsertilowa.inerpaimanneatubontiphedislarok.infoinfo styles of the pieces are heavily varied, starting with a pair of synthesizer-heavy works, reminiscent.
  7. Zuluktilar

    News, discography, videos and informations about Touré Kunda.
  8. JoJoshura

    Jul 24,  · Sixu Tidiane Touré and Ismail Touré’s Mandinka Dong LP is coming out on September 16 via Secousse and Hot Mule Records.. Crédit photo: Audran Sarzier. Released in , self-financed by loans from friends and allies, Mandinka Dong – The Mandinke Dance – is the genesis of Touré Kunda, the cornerstone of the band’s unique sound, at the crossroads of Disco, Funk, Pop, Reggae.

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